12 Zodiac signs

It’s in the stars – The Zodiac signs can tell us about love, romance and money.

Astrologers place the Earth at the centre of things. This enables them to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth, believing that studying these positions can reveal a person’s character, relationships and future finances.

Our love and romantic relationships are often linked to these passionate signs.

Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars!

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Purifies, Discriminates. Ruled by Mercury (the mind). Keywords: Meticulous, Analytical & Serene.


  • Richard Gere - Actor
  • Julio Iglesias - Singer
  • Keanu Reeves - Actor
  • Cameron Diaz - Actress
  • Sean Connery - Actor
  • Claudia Schiffer - Model
  • Pink - Singer
  • Adam Sandler - Actor


Virgos are often described as perfectionists, concerned with routine and all the trivial details of life. In truth, your everything-in-its-place mentality simply gives you the means of arranging, analysing and organising your life. Because you are intelligent and active, ideas and projects seem to take up every waking moment. Order is important to you, as is balance. Your best quality is a drive to better yourself. You fix, enhance and improve – the only problem being that you expect everyone else to do the same and meet your high standards. They cannot. They are not you. Advice – cut others some slack, and they will return the favour. Though you are shy in the company of strangers, friendship means a great deal to you. You have an equally strong need for seclusion. Few are allowed to share your innermost thoughts. Even so your inner strength and innate sense of service are legendary. You were born to lead and heal. Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Love Colours: Blue-Green Love Scents: Nutmeg and Gardenia

The Hermit


You came on this earth plane to be a helper and healer to those you meet on life’s path.

If you are too busy and too active then you will find it hard to be a helper whilst still creating space for yourself to regenerate your energies.

Love solitude. In seclusion, you will find values important to your life. Strive for them.

Virgo Tarot Card



I now wish to bring money in from many sources, both expected and unexpected. I see myself as deserving and worthy of financial returns and prosperity in my life. This will allow me to support family and friends and so increase the flow of money to all I know.

You will need six small coins, which afterwards five will be buried or hidden at the four corners of your property or apartment as well as by or under your front door. The last coin should be carefully placed in your wallet to attract more money. Do not spend it.

Hold the coins in your hand, and as you speak the charm see the coins growing and multiplying.

“I am worthy and I deserve rewards
I call for money
And money comes to me.
Channels of money and abundance are open to me,
And money comes from many sources.
Money is good for me,
And I do good things with my money.
I help and support family and friends.
My money increases
I thank the universe for the good it sends me.
I am worthy of this help and support.”



Gentle and refined, Tulip cares for others at the deepest level. A compassionate heart and a bathroom cabinet full of alternative medicines are freely available to the weak and wilting. Sharp-minded Tulip stores a wealth of information on my subjects, particularly matters relating to health.

A perfectionist, Tulip keeps a tidy closet, is never late and always remembers to floss. Prone to worry, this sensitive bloom benefits from nights at the opera, theatre or concert hall, where emotions may gush freely as water from a garden hose.

You are a conservative dresser, favouring subtle shades to enhance a natural dignity. Passion for hygiene and exotic bath gels ensure a lingering perfume. Inherently monogamous, you often wait for the ideal partner. While seeming demure, this bulb is explosively sensuous. Once sexuality is awakened, passion is experienced in full bloom.

  • MONEY: Able to save while other splurge.
  • HEALTH: Usually take good care of themselves. Prone to eating disorders and nervous upsets.
  • LOVE: Decent, devoted, discreet.
  • CAREER: Librarian, cosmetic surgeon, doctor, herbalist, dental hygienist, accountant, theatre critic, priest or nun, geneticist.
  • SPIRIT: Comfortable in the local church, but may keep a pack of tarot cards at home.