12 Zodiac signs

It’s in the stars – The Zodiac signs can tell us about love, romance and money.

Astrologers place the Earth at the centre of things. This enables them to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth, believing that studying these positions can reveal a person’s character, relationships and future finances.

Our love and romantic relationships are often linked to these passionate signs.

Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars!

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Charges head first into life. Ruled by Mars (desire) Keywords: ndependent, Selfish, Self-assertive

SEXY arians:

  • Nat Charles Chaplin – Comedian
  • Alec Baldwin – Actor
  • Timothy Dalton – Actor
  • Vincent Van Gogh – Painter
  • Maria Callas – Soprano
  • Gary Kasparov – Chess player


Arians are assertive, independent and scorchingly sexy and turned on by the thrill of the chase and dangerous, fast living. Horrified by conventional routine – in bed and out – Aries is the initiator, the performer, the dynamo. Your strong sexual appetite demands satisfaction. While other zodiac signs dream, Aries turns fantasy into reality. Your best bet is to mate with a libido as fervent as yours. If the challenge dies, so does the interest. Now for the good news. Partners find you to be a truly erotic playmate. Each move and sensation leaves them begging for more. Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini Love Colours: Red and Scarlet Love Scents: Verbena, Cinnamon and Geranium

The Emperor


Now you can introduce structure and order into your life. Be active and ambitious. Dreaming will not help you. Start acting in a positive way i.e. the right way, the wrong way and my way and we will do it ‘my way’.

Aries Tarot Card



I’m talking about sex with someone you know, and the two of you decide to give it a go one night when the time is right, with no regrets or ties or embarrassment afterward. It’s more like sex between loving friends. Be warned – not everyone can pull it off. But for those who can, you can make beautiful memories. Here’s a good affirmation for a one-night stand: By the power that is Love, tonight will be filled with romance, thrills both quick and otherwise, and good feelings between me and (name). When the night is over and the morning comes, there will be no jealousies, hard feelings, regrets, or nasty gossip. Wear your good underwear and have a nice time!


A natural leader, Tiger Lily is born to leave a mark, whether it’s from sticky pollen stamens or dazzling achievements in the theatrical world. In life’s bouquet, Tiger Lily aims to achieve greater heights than other flowers and is guaranteed to make an impact. Only one place suits this vivid exhibitionist – and that’s first. Supercharged you seldom droop, except maybe at four in the morning after everyone else has folded up their petals for the night and gone home. Courageous and determine, Tiger Lily defends helpless daisies, and will fight for a cause long after softer-stemmed souls have slunk into the shadows. For all the colour and show, you are easily damaged by thoughtless behaviour and you are the first to cry at Walt Disney moves.
  • MONEY: Treats the dollar as a form of energy that needs to be burned.
  • HEALTH: Generally too busy to be sick. Prone to broken bones and ailments of the head.
  • LOVE: Romantic, adoring, possessive.
  • CAREER: Business executive, television director, military officer, entrepreneur, movie star, inventor, events manager, head-hunter.
  • SPIRIT: Prefers religions involving theatrical expression of faith.