12 Zodiac signs

It’s in the stars – The Zodiac signs can tell us about love, romance and money.

Astrologers place the Earth at the centre of things. This enables them to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth, believing that studying these positions can reveal a person’s character, relationships and future finances.

Our love and romantic relationships are often linked to these passionate signs.

Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars!

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Ruled by Venus (harmony). Keywords: Diplomatic, Charming and Indecisive


  • Catherine Zeta-Jones - Actor
  • John Lennon - Singer
  • Luciano Pavarotti - Tenor
  • Brigitte Bardot - Actress
  • Anthony Hopkins - Actor
  • Dawn French - Comedienne


Radiating charm, confidence and beauty, a Libran smile can melt the hardest of hearts. The Scales are the symbol of harmony, so equality for all is of tremendous importance to you. Though ambitious, a Libran never steps on others in order to succeed. Being warm, open and giving means that love isn’t just an emotion to you – it’s all about appreciation, devotion and respect. Because you are such a complex mix of romance and intellect, you may not always know what you want from a relationship and can be all too easily hurt. Compatibility: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo and Aries. Love Colours: Deep Green Love Scents: Rose, Ginger and Musk



You see yourself as a fair and reasonable person, whose ‘word’ is their bond.

Your judgment has to be objective, but do not judge. Believe in the higher justice that rules you. Remember: What you give will come back to you.

Libra Tarot Card



This self-awareness spell enables you to bring about change. It is time to see you changing and making progress. This spell can also allow you to seek further spiritual growth and development.

Making change NOW and being happy with the results. Make a list of the number of ways events, actions, and/or attitudes could progress to help you make change for the better and so continue to grow and develop.

“The time has come for a change.
To move on to something new,
Self-awareness gives me many options
Now is the time to move
Changes are coming
I move towards what I desire.
A new stage of evolution is before me!
The power I summon turns around my life.
The changes begin
And self-awareness allows me
To create healthy change!”



Refined and romantic Rose adores soft candlelight and lingering gazes over dinner. Nobody glows and blushes like Rose in love. Rose becomes prickly and defensive if friends are foolish enough to point out minor shortcomings.

You thrive in harmonious environments free of weedy piles of dishes and heaps of dirty clothes. Rich mulches of admiration and devotion are required. In return you provide perfumed sophistication and good conversation. While this bloom holds strong opinions. Should discussion develop into a compost-flinging slanging match, Rose trembles and falls apart.

You have a practical side and put words into action. Unlike flowers with less integrity, you will actually turn up at the school cake stall or fix that dripping faucet. A lover of music and tiny animals. Rose loathes and idea of lingering single and alone in a vase. With all that charm and good looks, it’s not likely.

  • MONEY: Astute with finances. Willing to lash out on luxuries.
  • HEALTH: These prize blooms rely on strong stalks, therefore back problems can be an issue. Kidneys and liver may require attention. Regular pampering at the beauty salon will lift your mood.
  • LOVE: Romantic, enduring, dependent.
  • CAREER: Environmentalist, diplomat, musician, computer graphics expert, interior designer, beauty therapist, art dealer, image consultant.
  • SPIRIT: Believes in a loving God. Attracted to religions emphasising inner calm and global harmony.