12 Zodiac signs

It’s in the stars – The Zodiac signs can tell us about love, romance and money.

Astrologers place the Earth at the centre of things. This enables them to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth, believing that studying these positions can reveal a person’s character, relationships and future finances.

Our love and romantic relationships are often linked to these passionate signs.

Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars!

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Ruled by Mercury, the mind.
Keywords: Optimistic and restless



Don’t be extreme. Choose the middle path. Cool off. Get on top of the situation. Observe and let your intuition work. Prepare a new mixture. The alchemist in you knows that the mixture has to simmer for a long time to bring forth something precious.

Sagittarius Tarot Card



You need two identical glasses. Choose the nicest ones and fill one with pure water. Place them on a table, which is set as if expecting friends for a meal.

Now sit and consider your interests and activities you would like to become involved in. Seek opportunities and see yourself among people who will become ‘special friends’.

Take up both glasses and pour the water carefully from one to another. The sharing of this life force is particularly powerful and enables you to share with another what has value for you.

“I reach out with the power of my heart,
And the power of my mind!
I call to those with kindred spirits,
I give friendship, I take friendship.
I share good times with my friends.
All options are open to me.
Friendship comes from many sources,
For near, from far,
I shall find people to love and nurture me.”


When life seems like a packet of weedkiller, happy-go-lucky you have a delightful way of brightening even the dullest corner of the garden. Open and generous, this flower encourages others to realise how fabulous they really are. Poised on an elegant stalk, Bird of Paradise reaches for the heavens, pondering spiritual and philosophical matters – but never long or loudly enough to become a bore. A wild flower at heart, you are attracted to bungy jumping, skydiving and other terrifying sports. Happiest with an air ticket in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other, this wit loves collecting ideas, going to parties and flirting. Oblivious to the ambitions of corporate slugs and climber, you assume the best of others – often inadvertently improving their behaviour as a result. You cheer life’s bleakest moments. Perennially optimistic, this bloom regards a redundancy notice as a ticket to freedom. And is usually proved right.
  • MONEY: Natural gamblers – spending comes more naturally
  • HEALTH: Generally hardy and energetic, but may suffer joint problems and tendency to fall over or have accidents. Check-ups tend to be cancelled in favour of social engagements.
  • LOVE: Sensual, honest, adventurous.
  • CAREER: Test pilot, vet, travel writer, ski instructor, cartoonist, comedian, movie director, politician.
  • SPIRIT: Contrary to their outgoing personalities. You are seriously committed to spiritual growth. Capable of developing a personal form of spirituality as strong as any organised religion.