12 Zodiac signs

It’s in the stars – The Zodiac signs can tell us about love, romance and money.

Astrologers place the Earth at the centre of things. This enables them to determine the positions of the heavenly bodies in relation to the Earth, believing that studying these positions can reveal a person’s character, relationships and future finances.

Our love and romantic relationships are often linked to these passionate signs.

Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars!

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The water bearer, spreads knowledge Keywords: Original inquisitive, rebellious


  • Geena Davis – Actor
  • Placido Domingo – Tenor
  • Rene Russo – Actor
  • Charles Darwin – Naturalist
  • Michael Jordan – Baseball Player
  • John McEnroe – Tennis Player


Aquarians are elusive and unconventional, with an unpredictable approach to both life and love. Sex can be fascinating, but you are equally struck by clever conversation and an impressive intellect. In order to feel sexy, you think sexy. Others sense this and want to be with you. If a would-be-lover enjoys freedom and fun, they are strong contenders for lifetime partnership. It would also help, if they mostly share your opinions. Aquarians like to be right. Should a soul mate be secure enough not to suffer bouts of jealousy or hurt when you slip into a solitary mood, all the better. An extra word of warning, it is best to love their pet, as it is their best buddy. Compatibility: Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius and Leo Love Colours: Violet and Purples Love Scents: Clover and Orchid

The Star


The Star is seen as having strong healing properties and allows you re-energise yourself. Never lose hope. You will always get what you need. In infinity there is consolation for you, too. Compose yourself and be full of confidence.

Aquarius Tarot Card



This spell will enable you to adjust the flow of events. Believe that you have an ability to change the forces of destiny and you are able to bestow good luck on yourself and your life.

Focus on the fact you are now attracting good luck, good times and good friends. Look for building positive outcomes, one at a time.

“Good fortune and luck is with me,
Surrounding all that I do
And following me everywhere.
All who are about me prosper,
As do I
And I become better, strong,
And luckier than ever before.
By all the high and mystical powers
Through whom fortune shines
I have gifts given to me
And I have gifts I can share with others.


Flourishing in a hothouse of ideas, Orchid cares deeply for humanity and is capable of inspiring others to great heights. Umblemished by bitterness, clever Orchid triumphs over hardship. The Orchid who achieves fame glows in the spotlight while less adventurous plants stand back in awe of its magical elegance. At the same time, you crave an inner world of tranquillity where rainbows may be climbed and the soul nurtured. Regardless of its stunning exterior, this flower is not confident as it seems. An Orchid friend is thoughtful and dependable, collecting a post of individuals who are equally radical and intellectual. Naturally scientific, this bloom takes a global view and is never bigoted or narrow minded. But, since Orchid is ahead of its time, care must be taken to share those amazing ideas in full and to remain tactful.
  • MONEY: Loves the latest technology, hates being in debt.
  • HEALTH: Prone to sudden mysterious illnesses which disappear swiftly. Happiest in even tempertures that are neither too dry nor too damp.
  • LOVE: May be commitment phobic, but faithful and loyal once the decision is made.
  • CAREER: Air worker, electronics and information technologist, television or radio presenter, scientist, writer, astrologer, ballet dancer, counsellor.
  • SPIRIT: Curious about all religions, interested in combining ancient wisdoms with modern knowledge.