Please select the spell of interest to you.

If you’re in a relationship with someone you adore, use a photo of you both together at a joyous time and place it in the bedroom. This is a person who brings love into your life, and to whom you will be able to give yourself completely. A person you can trust completely.

Play lots of love songs in your home and car. Remove ugly or sad pictures from your environment, including photos of your ex. Use a photo or picture of a starry eyed couple to boost love and see yourself as a loving couple joined together.

“I call for love, and love comes to me
Guided by the light of my flames.
Whether it be from near or from afar,
My love is drawn to me.
I give love,
I receive love.
Our love is passionate,
Our love is intense as flame.
Our love is long and lasting.
As I desire, so I have love.
I am worthy of a loving relationship.”

I now wish to bring money in from many sources, both expected and unexpected. I see myself as deserving and worthy of financial returns and prosperity in my life. This will allow me to support family and friends and so increase the flow of money to all I know.

You will need six small coins, which afterwards five will be buried or hidden at the four corners of your property or apartment as well as by or under your front door. The last coin should be carefully placed in your wallet to attract more money. Do not spend it.

Hold the coins in your hand, and as you speak the charm see the coins growing and multiplying.

“I am worthy and I deserve rewards
I call for money
And money comes to me.
Channels of money and abundance are open to me,
And money comes from many sources.
Money is good for me,
And I do good things with my money.
I help and support family and friends.
My money increases
I thank the universe for the good it sends me.
I am worthy of this help and support.”

Try to shut out the day to day demands. Listen to your internal voice that seeks to find solutions to problems and enables you to hear what your heart really desires.

Make a list of pros and cons of the decision before you and consider the various paths available to you. Visualize all the different options and what sort of consequences your choice would create.

Know you will make the right decision. You are focused and your mind is clear and you will be shown the correct path to take. Trust in yourself and your decision making process. The spell is:

"I draw on the powers above me and the powers within me!
I choose from the paths which lay before me
I balance all factors, and weigh this problem
Everything that I need to know and the path, which I need to take is revealed to me
All is in keeping with the longings of my heart and the destiny that I was born to create
I can make a clear and powerful decision!"

You need two identical glasses. Choose the nicest ones you can find, perhaps buying two for this purpose. Have one of the glasses filled with pure water. Place them on a table, which is set as if expecting friends for a meal, using a good cloth and flowers and candles. Pink is a good colour for candles as it expresses unconditional love.

Now sit and consider what are your interests and the sort of activities you would like to become involved in. Consider how opportunities are opening to bring people into your life that will share your interests.

"I reach out with the power of my heart,
And the power of my mind!
I call to those with kindred spirits,
Hearts, and minds and they answer me.
I give friendship, I take friendship.
I share good times with my friends.
All spheres of society are open to me.
Friendship comes from many sources,
For near, from far,
From expected and unexpected sources.
I shall find people to love and nurture me"

This spell enables you to bring about change. It is time to deal with yourself as you are now and then be prepared to move on. It is time to make change, it is time to see yourself changing and making progress.

Making change NOW and being happy with the results. Make a list of the number of ways events, actions, and/or attitudes cvould progress to help your circumstances change for the better.

Hold your arms outstretched with hands open. Be ready to see the energy that is available to you. Be willing to see that what you have set in progress is deep, transfomative change by speaking the charm. The spell is:

"The time has come for a change
The time has come to move on
To something newer,
Something more beneficial for me.
That which was done in the past
Should now stay in the past,
Now is the time to move onward and upward,
Changes are coming
With one action leading rapidly to another.
The forces are set in motion.
I move towards what I desire.
A new stage of evolution is before me!
The power I summon turns around my life
The changes begin
And continue as I better myself
I can create healthy change!"

See the golden rays of the Sun shining on the earth, the ripening of the crops and nourishing you. Remember that these healing rays of warmth are indeed a blessing.

Continue to feel the vital energy and know that you have the power to overcome all fears and obstacles. Flex your muscles and be aware of your body and your whole being, and of the strength of energy that flows through you.

Now see yourself with your hands outstretched and welcoming the positive energy of the Sun. See the Sun passing over your body and use its power to craft a golden aura around you and so giving you and invisible shield. The spell is:

"By force of will and this spell
I call on power from within and without!
Power shines like a golden ray within me
Power flows through me,
And my personal power grows around me
I conjure this charm to make me strong
This charm protects me totally
And no obstacle can stand before me.
In the warmth and light of my inner strength
Fears and problems melt away.
I have inner strength, courage and determination
And can do anything so long as
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!"

To start to expand an already established business. The spell emphasizes financial increase: encouraging growth, bringing in more customers, and increasing prosperity.

Visualize that business is brisk and your clients are happy with what you have to offer to them.

Visualize that all is well, all elements of the business are growing and thriving.

Visualize a constant flow of capital – as you take in more and more money. Picture yourself as having the Midas touch: and everything you touch turns to gold. The spell is:

"Success is mine!
I draw strength, and I draw power.
I am the one, who makes it happen, my field of endeavor,
That business which I have chosen to do
Grows and thrives.
Money flows through my hands
In ever greater amounts;
Better than it has in the past.
And I'm in control of it.
I am riding a wave of success.
Others see me as successful."

On taking a shower consider what needs to be purified and healed using the gift of clean water and soap. Now, take a sponge and wash down your body, giving extra attention to any individual part of your body that needs healing. Feel the water permeating every cell as you wash yourself.

If your problem is one for which repair and rebuilding of tissues or systems are out of alignment, envision the water relaxing everything and setting everything in balance, making everything right. The charm is:

"With this water I have bathed myself Vitality and power flow through me.
Healing works in me,
Coming through many channels,
From many sources.
I am strengthened and purified
Within and without.
Every cell of my body is revitalized
By the forces that course through me
I release anything that harms my physical body
I release it an the water carries it away.
All is now made well. I am in full health.
I enjoy life and I enjoy my body and what it offers me."

A magical marriage recipe: ask a married friend to give you a cup. This transfers marriage energy to you and signifies the loving cup of kindness that people drink at a wedding. Then buy an inexpensive gold wedding ring. In the daytime, keep this ring in the cup along with nine grains of rice and a red ribbon 18cm long.

Every night before sleep, place the ring on your finger as if it were a wedding ring. Go to sleep feeling the ring on your finger and imagine your’re already married. If you miss a few nights don’t worry. Within 18 months you should be married or receive a proposal. To actualize this possibility find a picture of a happy couple in a magazine and place it in your bedroom. The spell is:

"I call upon all good spirits!
I call upon all karmic forces!
I call upon the wide-ruling powers!
Make smooth the way,
That my love may be brought to me!
That this love becomes ‘a wedding of souls’
That we both make commitments
That binds us together for a lifetime.
That we share our love
And passion over all time."

To be protected from all external forces that work against you. During a day many influences come into our lives. Often we feel that we are under verbal or physical attack from work colleagues, friends and even family members.

To be able to stand outside of these negative issues require we do a daily protection for ourselves. This protection needs to focus on you, your home and your travel arrangements.

The use of a lighted white candle brings purity of your intention when repeating this spell. If this is difficult, visualize yourself totally protected by white light as you speak the spell.

"I call upon the power that is within me
and the power that is around me!
I call upon all good spirits and all ministering angels!
I call for protections, defense, and safety!
With white light, a force field is built around me.
I am shielded and protected at all times.
All negative forces disperse and dissolve
At the touch of the radiant light
That emanates from the core of my being.
All shadows flee. All harm & danger is neutralized
By the power within me and the power around me,
Only peace, love, and serenity
May exist within my protective boundary!
I am portecgted. My family is protected.
My home is protected.
All my travel arrangements are protected.
The angels and arch angels protected me."

You have inner strength, courage and determination that you can call upon to face your problems and challenges. This charm enables you to be in control of the situation and able to continue to move forward despite other people refusing to complete the task at hand.

You can focus and use this charm at any time when you start to get frustrated over getting nowhere with people you have to deal with or when you sense that a confrontational situation is developing.

Imagine yourself confronting the situation and by so doing being able to move forward focused on success and achievement. You can create a smooth path before you, sweeping all obstacles out of your way.

"I see myself as having he power within me
to make smooth the path before me!
My energy flows forth and gently clears the way before me!
By force of personality and force of will,
I calmly push away all energies that opposes me.
I ass freely through resistance.
I ride easily over obstacles. I am confident and in control.
And because of this people are transformed.
People are helpful and friendly.
People are easy to get along with.
People value my ideas and are willing to listen.
I have the power to remove all obstacles."

Place a list of your accomplishments and desires. For a moment, hold in your mind the image of the company or individual that has the power to promote you or give you a raise.

Visualize yourself hearing good news and seeing the flow of money being given to you as reward for your positive contribution made to the company. Think of the elation you will feel upon learning of your promotion.

Finally, see yourself at work facing new challenges and enjoying the honor that has been bestowed upon you. You have worked for this promotion and you deserve it!

"I focus on achieving my desires!
I see the company recognizing my work.
The good news comes to me:
I am rewarded for past efforts
Recognition s mine.
Honor is mine.
Advancement is mine.
Financial rewards are mine.
I am ready to enjoy the challenges
That this new position offers me
I am ready to move ahead
Others will recognize my worth."

Think about the changes you have undergone, and the chain of events, which have brought you to the present situation. change is often outside of our control. However these changes will enable us to grow and develop.

Feel the reservoir of great strength rising from within you and imagine yourself having the power to confront issues and make changes that allow you to feel in control of your life. You no longer feel a victim.

Visualize yourself in a situation where you have created your own happiness and found happiness and found fulfillment in spite of outward changes and difficulties. you are strong and focused.

"With this spell
I summon powers of resilience and renewal.
I summon powers from within,
And powers from without
I summon the power to help me
Face the world as it is
And as it will be in the future.
I summon the power to help me
Make my own happiness
In spite of a new and difficult situation.
There is new understanding
I allow the past to stay into the past!"

Stress is our internal reaction to external circumstances. What changes in action and attitude could ease some of your stress? Are there emotions from which you need to separate yourself? Perhaps you are putting pressure on yourself? This charm enables you get another view of yourself and your life.

Close your eyes and count to 100. Use the counting to settle your breathing and to refocus before you begin the charm.

Take a length of cord and tie it in 7 knots. Then sat the affirmation untying a knot after each time of speaking the charm. (Remember, 7 is a spiritual number and you are asking for strong forces to work with you).

3. Take a necklace, and starting at the clasp, finger one bead for each line of the charm. Continue around each bead until you complete the circle. See the charm as part of the circle of your life. Whole and complete in itself.

"I am relaxed and serene.
I ama at peace with myself. I forgive all errors.
I realease all guilt and sorrow
To flow away from me
Like leaves carried away by a stream.
I am secure. The Universe nourishes me
I give myself over to teh Universe
& suspend my cares outside of time, outside of space.
All experience is unfolding as it should
Everything falls into place.
And in the fullness of time all is taken care of
Everything works for my highest good,
And everything works out for me"

Visualize the company or institution that you want to work for and the person responsible for your hiring. What do you know about the company? Find out as much as possible so your visualization becomes real.

Believe that you are the best candidate, and see yourself hard at work at your new position. See yourself enjoying the work and being totally absorbed in what you are doing, surrounded by like-minded people achieving their career goals.

While you are focused on this charm, place your resume nearby and add some gold coins ($1 or $2 coins) on the resume to see that the position is paid appropriately. If you have any material from the company place this with the resume and the coins.

"I desire this position
I see myself in the position
I know that my qualifications are good
I know that I will be an asset to the company.
I am the one this company needs
Good news comes to me,
The job is mine!
I enjoy the job.
I do well at my job
My job rewards me and fulfills me.
People at work see me as a capable
And valuable staff member."

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