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Will I find love
Where is the romance in my life?
Will this become a committed relationship?
Will I find money?

A Love Tarot reading enables you to discover the answers about your relationship and how to succeed in your relationship.

Do you wish to create a positive change?
Or alter a difficult situation?
Perhaps it is friendship you are seeking?
I can help you!

Zodiac flower signs can help you discover personality aspects of the person you are thinking of, and guide you as to which flowers to choose as a gift.

Readings offered

A Six Months Forecast – Considers current issues and any obstacle in your way. Examines the questions: Who am I? Where am I going? What I am doing?

One Year Ahead – Examines your head, your heart, the work/activities you do daily and your financial returns.

Relationships – This allows you to look at important relationships. Many people focus on love and romance whilst others look at family or friends.

Career Reading – Looks at your career and where you are heading. It reviews the past and what lies behind your successes or difficulties.

A Five Year Forecast – It begins in the present, goes back two years and five years to review the past. Then forward two years and five years to “see” the future.

Spirit Spread – To get in touch with any spirit/s that may be surrounding at this time, including your Spirit Guide.

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Latest testimonials

July 12, 2018
I just wanted to express my gratitude not only for fitting me in last minute but for your help. When I got home, things were slightly unsettled but we were communicating. After about three hours, things got so much better. How it felt at the start.
Things aren’t 100% but we’ve definitely been moving forward. We’ve been communicating our feelings and things that are affecting us rather than ignoring each other.
I truly feel like seeing you has helped an unimaginable amount — in ways that it couldn’t have happened on our own. Thank you so so so much. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with you.
Regards, Jessica

May 7, 2017
Hello Abbey Rose,
Guess I’ve come a long way, and part of it, is with thanks to you.
I have learnt a lot from you. I am forever grateful.

February 10, 2017
Hi Abbey,
Thank you for the information you have kindly sent through. I greatly appreciate your help, support & encouragement over the years.
With thanks, Teresa M

About Abbey

Abbey Rose, clairvoyant and tarot card reader in MelbourneAbbey Rose is a well known and highly respected clairvoyant in Melbourne.

She has a Masters degree in Education and has Counselling qualifications.

Instead of being stuck in the present she enables clients to move into the future. She is a professional member of the Tarot Guild.

Abbey uses tarot cards as visual prompts, but essentially her clairvoyance adds to the whole picture. Abbey looks at mind, body and spirit and sees the whole person. She presents to you what is possible in the period of time that you are discussing.

She looks at all our important and intimate relationships. Love makes the world go round and romance and commitment are important to many clients.

Abbey provides down to earth information about yourself and your relationships that enable you to take part in creating your own future. Most clients want a loving and healthy relationship that nurtures them. Added to this: their career and their financial outcomes are relevant.

Code of ethics


To provide a consultation that nurtures and encourages the dignity and goodness of each person to achieve a fulfilling lifestyle.

Cultural richness

To encourage clients to value their heritage and the cultural richness that enhances their life and adds to the uniqueness and difference.

Quality personal service

To show my vocation by application and to acquire an excellent reputation for quality and personal service to clients.

Client self-awareness

To stimulate and challenge clients to recognize their gifts and talents in order for them to move forward in all spheres of life.

Professional excellence

To seek professional excellence and to assure clients that if a query arises I will seek to swiftly resolve any outstanding issues.

Client support

To be careful with my vision and generous with my support for clients, to build up and not to destroy self confidence in each person.